Equine Services

We are keen to work alongside farriers, physiotherapists, chiropractors and various other para-professionals as a team to provide a holistic approach to your horses care when required. 

In the case of an emergency please phone the Practice where one of our Out of Hours Nurses will be able to assist you 01736 36 22 15 

We provide the best care for equine

Pre-Purchase Examinations

We have years of experience of vetting horses for a range of intended uses.


If your horse’s movement is limited or uncomfortable, our experienced vets can investigate and diagnose issues.


We have diagnostic equipment including x-ray machines to help quickly diagnose health issues in your horse.


Gastroscopy is used to assess the stomach of horses and to diagnose potential issues such as ulcers.


We offer castration services for horses, ponies and donkeys, and can perform the procedure either standing under light sedation, or under general anaesthetic.


We can provide all vaccinations necessary to keep your horse safe and healthy.


Routine dental care is an essential part of all horses' well being and primary care programme.

In-house Laboratory

We offer a wide range of clinical pathology services including haematology, worm egg counts, urinalysis, parasitic skin scrapings and bacteriological culture.


Ultrasound technology in-house to help with speedy diagnosis.


Endoscopy is used to visualise and evaluate otherwise inaccessible areas of the upper respiratory tract.

Reproductive Services

We offer a specialised equine stud medicine service, and we’re British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) approved for artificial insemination of fresh and chilled semen.


We offer a compassionate, professional service for the most difficult aspect of the horse-owning experience.

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