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 About Rosevean Vets 

About Us

Veterinary knowledge and technology is always moving forwards, and at Rosevean we’re determined to stay at the forefront of the field.


This commitment to improvement has seen us develop what we believe to be the best veterinary facilities in the area.


Our 14 vets and fantastic team offer 24/7 care from our spectacular site at Rosevean House, and we’re constantly investing in equipment, technology and training opportunities to ensure we provide the highest standard of care possible.


Our in-house diagnostic equipment and laboratory have been expanded in recent years, giving us the best tools to care for your pets, horses and livestock. We offer in-house emergency services too, meaning you can rely on us day and night.

We’re proud of our roots, and uphold our established role in West Cornwall and the local community, built over 130 years.


Veterinary medicine has been practiced since 1891 at Rosevean House – and we’ve charted our impressive history for those who wish to learn more.


In that time we’ve built relationships with generations of families and their pets, and we’re committed to continuing to provide a warm, friendly and reliable service for generations to come.


We pride ourselves on providing the best small animal, equine and farm animal care. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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