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 Our History 

Our History

1837 - The house is built. The date 1837 can still be seen carved into a door lintel at the back of the house today.

1891- By 1891 John Stephens and Charles Rose, both Veterinary Surgeons, are living at Rosevean House

1893 -John Stephens is still in business at Rosevean House. He is one of two veterinary practices in Penzance. The other is Thomas Clarke at 23 North Parade.

1914 - John Stephens is residing and practising at Rosevean House as one of three partners. The other partners are Rowland Glave Saunders of 1 Pendarves Road, Penzance and Samuel J Motton of 60 Morrab Road, Penzance.

1926 - Rowland Glave Saunders returns to Exeter, the city of his birth, where he goes on to become Mayor. At this time Samuel Motton is both resident and practising at Rosevean House and although the firm is still registered as Stephens, Saunders and Motton, there is no mention of either Stephens or Motton. This is the only veterinary practice showing in Penzance.

Post 1945 -  After the 2nd World War Mr Motton has three veterinary partners in the practice: Mr Neil, Mrs E Parker, originally from Scotland & Mr Basil Edmunds, a local man who had served in the veterinary corps in the war. Mr Motton dies in 1952 aged 65.

Between this time and 1968 Mr John Hardern becomes a partner at the practice when Rosevean House is registered in the Trades Directory as Hardern and Neil.

The arrival of Mr Richard Young, followed by Mr Steve Otty results in the formation of Hardern, Neil, Young and Otty.

Following the retirement of Mr Neil, “Hardern, Young and Otty” buys Rosevean House.

Mr Duncan Bruce, an Aberdeen farmer’s son, becomes a partner around the same time that Mr Hardern retires from the practice, leaving the partnership as Young, Otty and Bruce.

2003- Mr Young retires and “Otty and Bruce” continues .

2008 - Mr Matthew Berriman and Mr Joseph Ivey join the
partnership. The practice is renamed Rosevean Veterinary Practice.


2010- Mr David Coombs becomes a partner .

2013 - Mr Otty retires from the practice.

2019 - Duncan Bruce retires leaving Rosevean Veterinary Practice- and all the staff at Rosevean to continue the 128 years of veterinary practice out of Rosevean House.


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