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Beef, Sheep & Dairy

Export Certification for products & animals

We have vets who can certify food products and livestock for export.

Beef, Sheep & Dairy

Parasite Control Programs

We provide farm specific parasite control programs for dairy, beef and sheep.

Beef & Dairy

Bull Fertility Examinations

Sub-fertile bulls can compromise herd fertility, and we can perform breeding examinations to help prevent this situation.

Beef & Dairy

Government & Private TB testing

We deliver TB testing both privately and on behalf of DEFRA through Farmcare Devon & Cornwall.


Vet Tech Services

Our vet tech service provides professional help for technical jobs on farm, including disbudding calves, and mobility and body condition scoring.


Flock Health Club

Our flock health club offers our sheep clients the chance to attend discussion groups and have access to discounted services and preventative medicines.

Beef, Sheep & Dairy

Herd Health Plans & Flock Health Plans

We have a through understanding of all the requirements of Milk Buyers, Red Tractor and other farm assurance bodies.

Beef, Sheep & Dairy

Fertility Visits

Each herd will have a dedicated vet that will work with you on fertility to ensure we achieve the best results possible for your farm.

Beef, Sheep & Dairy

Data Recording & Analysis

We can use a variety of data management tools including Interherd+, Herd Companion and DigiFarm to help manage herd health and provide benchmarking for disease and production.

Beef, Sheep & Dairy

Disease Investigations

We can advise on treatment, control and prevention of all livestock diseases, including mastitis, nutrition, lameness and infectious diseases.

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