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Request a Vetting

Please complete the following form to request a vetting

Stage (2 or 5)

Purchaser Details

Vendor Details

Is the Purchaser a client?
Is the Vendor a Client?
Is the Purchaser Aware that the Vedor is a Client?

(It is acceptable and legitimate to perform a pre-purchase examination on our client’s horses as long as the purchaser is aware that the vendor is a client and there are no other conflicts of interest that we feel could affect the vetting.)

However, **PLEASE NOTE** The conduction of the vetting is always at the discretion of the vet.

Horse Details

Will the Horse be Insured?
Will Purchaser be Present at Examination?

A Blood Sample is routinely taken on both stage vettings and stored independently for 6 months as a record of the blood from the day of the examination.

If requiring a 2-stage vetting, we request the purchaser to please read and complete the limitations of a two stage vetting form attached.

Vettings are required to be paid prior to the examination taking place.


Further investigations

•    blood sample

•    radiographs

•    any further investigations

Checklist for vetting day

  1. Horse to be stabled overnight or for at least 3 hours prior to vetting

  2. Does the horse have shoes on?

  3. Is the horse on any medication? (or has been in the last 30 days)

  4. Passport needs to be seen

  5. Firm, flat area for trot up and lunging

  6. For a 5 stage vetting we will need a rider and a safe area for ridden exercise at least up to a canter.

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