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Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do. Our aim is to help support you and provide a dignified, peaceful end for your horse.

Having any animal euthanised is a sad and traumatic time, so it is a good idea to plan ahead in order to avoid rushed decisions under difficult circumstances.

World Horse Welfare have produced a useful euthanasia guide as well as an owner’s plan to help you prepare in advance.

The euthanasia guide explains the importance of making a plan in advance, advice on when to make the final decision, the different methods for performing the euthanasia and what to expect with each of these, and the options available for disposal of the body afterwards.

The owner’s guide is a form that you can complete detailing your preferences that you can keep for your own records but also give to your yard manager or horse sitter should there be an emergency and they are unable to contact you.

Please remember to talk to us. We cannot make the decision for you but we can discuss your concerns and hopefully offer you an unbiased opinion for the best treatment required.

Post mortems can help to determine the cause of death if your horse or pony died unexpectedly. In some situations insurance companies may insist on a post mortem before a mortality claim is paid out.

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