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In-house Laboratory

In-house Laboratory

Laboratory work is invaluable to investigate many equine diseases – no matter how thorough our vets are, not every diagnosis can be reached by physical examination alone.

Results are often given on the same day with meaningful interpretation by our experienced equine vets.

We offer a wide range of clinical pathology services including:

  • haematology and biochemistry blood tests, used for routine health monitoring and emergency cases

  • assessment of joint fluid and abdominal fluid

  • worm egg counts and tapeworm saliva testing

  • urinalysis

  • skin scrapings for parasites

  • bacteriological culture

  • immunoglobulin level testing in foals

  • All of our test procedures are carried out under our strict quality control protocols

We also have direct access to specialist external laboratories in the UK which can provide:

  • more comprehensive testing if required

  • hormone testing including testing for equine Cushing’s disease

  • histology examination (examination of tissues)

  • testing for contagious diseases including strangles and contagious equine metritis

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