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Routine dental care is an essential part of all horses' wellbeing and primary care programme.

Horses are prey animals which means that they often show minimal signs of dental problems, so as to prevent being seen as an easy target for predators.

Therefore, by the time horses show outward signs of dental disease such as difficulty eating, quidding, weight loss, or reluctance to accept the bit when ridden, they may have been living with dental issues for a while.

We recommend that your horse’s mouth and teeth are examined every six to 12 months depending on their age, dental history and oral conformation. This is often done at the same time as their annual vaccinations or annual health check.

Our vets are qualified and fully equipped with full mouth speculum, head torch and motorised equipment for safe and thorough oral examination and effective routine dentistry at your yard.

They are also legally able to administer sedation if required for nervous or agitated horses or if they are in pain or discomfort.

Most routine dentistry and some minor surgery, such as the removal of wolf teeth, can be done at your yard.

Ancillary diagnostic services such as dental radiography can also be performed.

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