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Reproductive Services

Reproductive Services

We offer a specialised equine stud medicine service to help you from the time you start thinking about breeding until after your foal is born.

We are a British Equine Veterinary Association approved practice for artificial insemination of fresh and chilled semen.

We have excellent working relationships with semen agents such as Elite Stallions, enabling us to have semen from some of the very best competition stallions in the world.

Our offering includes:

Pre-breeding screening/examinations

  • Swabs for contagious equine metritis

  • Blood samples for equine viral arteritis and equine infectious anaemia

  • Ultrasound examination of the mare reproductive system

  • Endometrial biopsies

Artificial insemination

  • Mares for insemination with fresh semen should be resident while in season at the same location as the stallion as insemination should be performed within three hours of collection from the stallion

  • Chilled semen is sent by overnight courier for mare insemination enabling mares to stay in the comfort of their home location

  • Frozen semen available at special request

Stallion fertility assessment – available at special request

  • Semen analysis for density and motility

  • Sperm morphology

  • For more information please call to discuss with one of our equine vets

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