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Endoscopy is used to visualise and evaluate otherwise inaccessible areas of the upper respiratory tract – the pharynx, larynx, guttural pouches and trachea – of the horse.

We can visualise these regions of the horse in great detail and take biopsy samples for laboratory testing if required.

It is performed under light sedation using the latest 1.5m flexible, mobile, video-endoscope so images can be seen on a screen by our vet and yourself!

Endoscopy is commonly performed on horses with horses with a cough, poor performance, upper airway obstructions, abnormal respiratory noises, lung disease, chronic nasal discharge and head shakers.

In some horses with respiratory noise at exercise or demonstrating poor performance, endoscopic examination at rest may appear normal but as the horse’s exercise intensity increases problems become evident.

For these cases, investigation with a state-of-the-art remote dynamic endoscopic system can be arranged

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