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Flock Health Club

Flock Health Club

A healthy flock is a productive flock.

Our flock health club will help you get the most out of us with a commitment to each individual flock, meeting your needs to keep happy healthy and productive sheep!

Membership costs £12 (ex. Vat} a month and provides access to:

• Discounted warmers/vaccines appropriate for your flock

• 1 free annual visit and 1 hr of vets time to assess your flock

• Free annual flock health plan

• 4 Discounted worm egg counts throughout the year

• Farmer meetings on relevant topics

• Discounted and priority access to flock health workshops

• Vaccine swap club!

The flock health club is open to everyone, whether you have 1 or 1000 sheep!

If interested please get in touch with Zeinab at the practice to sign up.

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